"I know what a strawberry tastes like love." Well fuck you too.#itslonelyintheberrystand

From the guy who’s in the berry when I’m not:
Customer: why don’t the strawberries have sticks in them? (I normally give them with sticks to stop grotty hands getting on my plate)
Colin: *gives stick to customer*
Customer: can you not do it for me?
Colin: do it yourself!
Customer: I can’t! I’m illiterate!

And so the week begins again ‪#‎itslonelyintheberrystand‬

Customer: ‘do you have any real strawberries?’
Me: *looks at abundance of strawberries before me*
'do you mean do you want a sample?'
Customer: ‘no I mean do you have any real ones that I can actually eat to see what they taste like.’

That’ll be a sample then… ‪#‎itslonelyintheberrystand‬

Me: ‘want some fresh strawberries?’
Foreign guy: ‘you are a strawberry’ *winks* 
Not sure what this means ‪#‎itslonelyintheberrystand‬

'Im just away in to do my shopping I'll come by on the way back.' Aye, right mate, see you then. ‪#‎itslonelyintheberrystand‬

Keep offering tasty strawberry samples to fasting Muslims ‪#‎sorry‬‪#‎itslonelyintheberrystand‬

Offered a raspberry sample on a stick to a man today, he took my hand in both of his and sucked it off seductively as if I was feeding it to him…‪#‎itslonelyintheberrystand‬

if you ever wondered what the inside of a strawberry would be it’s this.

if you ever wondered what the inside of a strawberry would be it’s this.

This is one of those things that people should not calm the fuck down about, journalism at its absolute finest, so glad the carers were arrested, if anyone deserves being arse raped in jail its these wankers, what an absolute disgrace.